Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion. Volume 5: Central

Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion. Volume 5: Central

Euro 95,-

Author: Gillian Vogelsang-Eastwood

ISBN: 9781847883940

Central and Southwest Asia  explores dress history and practices throughout the vast area linking  central Asia to the Eastern Mediterranean. The birthplace of three world  religions, this is a region shaped by cultural legacies: Arabs,  Iranians, and Ottoman Turks have all left stunning and enduring artistic  forms. This volume is the only major work to cover the full range of  dress across this region, from the historic Silk Road, which played a  vital role in linking dress and textile traditions in the area, to  topics rarely before investigated, such as Kurdish dress, the role of  the hajj market, and Afghan  fashion shows. The region's location as a bridge between East and West  is also explored, as are the cultural and symbolic meanings of Islamic  dress and the West's romantic fascination with Orientalism. Rare  photographs provide fascinating visual evidence of the region's rich and  complex history. - See more at:


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