Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion. East Asia

Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion. East Asia

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| Subtitle: volume 6
| Author:John E. Vollmer (editor)
| Year: 2010
| ISBN: 9781847881045
| Pages: 462
| Pictures: black-and-white
| Binding: hardcover

East Asia covers an area that is  home to a quarter of the world's population. This volume provides a  comprehensive overview of the region, followed by separate sections on  China, Korea, and Japan. The section on China covers the Han people,  China's ethnic majority, as well as most of China's fifty-five minority  groups. Festive dress, China's reputation for distinctive hairstyling,  and a wide range of adornments linked to ancient beliefs and traditions  are all covered. Overviews of Tibet, Mongolia, and Taiwan are included  as well. Traditional and modern aspects of Korean dress are explored in  depth, and the importance of the textile and garment industries is  highlighted. Street and youth fashion, the history of the kimono, dress  and masks for Noh and Kabuki performances, and the work of textile  artists who are masters of traditional craft are all covered in the  section on Japan. Historical backgrounds and accounts of ancient  archaeological evidence are also provided. Accompanied by photographs  supplying stunning pictorial evidence, East Asia offers a compelling overview of a land where age-old tradition coexists with bustling, technologically advanced modern states.



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