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Berlin work chart, Leiden, 1870's. Berlin work chart, Leiden, 1870's. TRC 2018.1596
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In April 2018, the TRC was given a collection of fifty original Berlin work charts. The donor was a long-time friend and supporter of the TRC, Mrs. Mariet ter Kuile-Portheine. She acquired these charts in the 1980’s. Most of them date to the mid-nineteenth century. The colours on all of these charts have been applied by hand. Some of them were produced by the Leiden-based firm of A.W. Sijthoff, which was founded in 1851 and still continues to the present day as the publishing firm of Luitingh-Sijthoff. The charts donated by Mrs. Mariet ter Kuile-Portheine form the basis for this online exhibition.


Pat Berman, 'Berlin Work'published in Needle Pointers, Febr./March 1990, and revised in October 2000. Digitally available here (retrieved 8th June 2016).

See also the entry on an embroidered picture 'Girld holding a cat', now in the Victoria and Albert Museum and dated to c. 1840, and to a nappy basket with Berlin wool work decoration.

For Berlin wook work, see also the relevant entry in TRC Needles.

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