Gallery of Costume, Manchester, England

Gallery of Costume, Manchester, England. Gallery of Costume, Manchester, England.

The Gallery of Costume in Manchester, England, houses one of the largest collections of clothing and fashion accessories in Britain (over 20000 items). It is housed at Platt Hall, an eighteenth century textile merchant’s home.

The collection contains clothes worn by men, women and children in Britain from the seventeenth century to the present day. Many of the clothes represent high fashion of the day. Other, much rarer items represent the basic but equally interesting dress of working people, such as the clogs and shawls of Lancashire weavers.

The Gallery collects all kinds of clothes worn by people in Britain, including contemporary designer wear, sports and leisure clothes, underwear and the fashions of Manchester’s South Asian communities. However, you can explore the costume collections further by browsing their collection themes or search for specific items using the collections search. The gallery has an extensive collection of fashion journals and periodicals available for research (runs viewable on the website).

Address: Mosley Street Manchester M2 3JL.

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