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Mexican Embroidery Print

Mexican embroidery print, late 20th century. Mexican embroidery print, late 20th century. © Trustees of the British Museum, acc. no. Am1986,07.216.b.

The British Museum in London keeps a square of cotton cloth with a printed embroidery design. The print dates to the 1980's and was purchased in Sierra Norte de Puebla, in southeastern Mexico. The cloth is 42 x 48 cm in size.

The design is printed in blue ink and shows the Virgin Mary wearing a wide cape and a tall hat. She is also shown standing on a pedestal that is flanked by two vases of flowers. Over her head are two angels holding a banner over the Virgin’s head that reads: “VIRGEN DE SAN JUAN DE LOS LAGOS.”

British Museum online catalogue (retrieved 28 June 2016).


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