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Tyrol Quill Work

Modern example of Tyrol quill work. Modern example of Tyrol quill work.

In some parts of southern Austria and neighbouring Italy (Tyrol), feathers are used as an embroidery thread to decorate a range of leather items. Male peacock feathers are stripped of the vane or feathery section, washed and dried. Then the hollow end (calamus, commonly known as the quill section) is cut into narrow strips. These strips are used to create initials, monographs, as well as small, intricate geometric patterns.

This type of embroidery was traditionally used to decorate leather items, such as belts, shoes, as well as horse saddles and reins. Nowadays, this range of goods has been expanded to include handbags, wallets, even telephone cases. However, there are, by 2015, only a few people left who carry out this type of needlework.

Digital source of illustration (retrieved 6th July 2016).


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