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Commemorative Panel, German Military Reservist, 1902

Commemorative panel for German military reservist, 1902. Commemorative panel for German military reservist, 1902. © Foto: Museum Europäischer Kulturen der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz. Acc. no. D (33 Y 56) 496/1984.

The Ethnologisches Museum in Berlin houses an embroidered commemorative panel, issued to a German officer who left active service to become a reserve officer. The panel measures 49 x 36 cm. The machine embroidered texts are worked in wool, chenille and gold and silver thread.

The text tells: "Wenn einst uns ruft das/ Vaterland als treue Waffenbrüder/ dann kehren / wir mit Herz und Hand / zu Deutschlands Fahne wieder." The panel is signed "Grd. Petersen 1900-1902. 1. Cp. Königin Elisabeth Garde Grd. Rgt. 3." (When one day the Fatherland calls us as loyal brothers in arms, then we will return, with heart and hand, to Germany's flag).

Acc. no.: D (33 Y 56) 496/1984

Staatliche Museen zu Berlin online catalogue (retrieved 12 August 2020).


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