Armenian gognots (apron). Armenian gognots (apron).

A gognots is the name for an apron worn by (Western) Armenian women. It used to be an indispensable part of their outfit, and was decorated with needlework or woven forms of ornamentation, and often worn together with a card-woven or metal band or a narrow, knitted belt, generally with an embroidered text (for instance "for good health").

A gognots was made of cotton, silk. or wool, and generally rectangular in shape. A gognots would sometimes cover the full body, the upper part looking like a bib and being fastened around the neck.

A gognots for a bride was even more elabotaley decorated. The garment was often embroidered with gold thread or with woven motifs generally applied when producing a kilim (flat-weave carpet). In some places, very fine cross-stitch motifs were used in imitation of rug designs. In other areas, shells and sequins were used for decoration.

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