Mary Katrantzou's Jumbar G

Mary Katrantzou's Jumbar G sweatshirt. Mary Katrantzou's Jumbar G sweatshirt.

The Greek fashion designer, Mary Katrantzou (b. 1983), is based in London and has produced a number of embroidered garments. During the 2014 fashion season, for example, she designed two embroidered sweatshirts called the “Jumbar G Fur” and the “Topaz Tik Tok". The two sweatshirts are stitched by the embroidery house of Hand & Lock (London).

The Jumbar G Fur sweatshirt is by far the most luxurious and expensive of the two garments, as it is made of mink trimmed with ribbed angora at the neck, cuffs and hem. It is further embellished with a large, hand embroidered emblem in the centre front of the garment.

In 2015 the price of these sweatshirts was €825 for the Topaz Tik Tok and €16,850 for the Jumbar G Fur.

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