Stomacher, c. 1750-1775

A stomacher (devant-de-gorge), c. 1750-1775. A stomacher (devant-de-gorge), c. 1750-1775. Courtesy Rijksmuseum Amsterdam acc. no. BK-NM-12187-C.

A stomacher was a triangular woman's garment that covered the area between the decolleté and the waistline. These garments were generally decorated, often with embroidery. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam houses such a garment (called a devant-de-gorge or borststuk), dating to c. 1750-1775, with an unknown origin. It measures 40 x 25.6 cm.

The garment is made of silver tulle and decorated with silk embroidered flowers that are applied to the ground material, together with bow motifs of silver leaf, outlined with silver lace. The garment itself is outlined with a parchment edge covered with silver leaf.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam online catalogue (retrieved 15 October 2016).


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