Curtain from Algeria

Embroidered curtain from Algeria, 19th century. Embroidered curtain from Algeria, 19th century. Copyright Textile Museum of Canada, acc. no. T86.0365.

The Textile Museum of Canada holds an embroidered curtain from Algeria. It dates to the nineteenth century and measures 188 x 50 cm. It is made of linen with purple-coloured silk embroidery. The embroidery was carried out on a wooden frame, using herringbone and satin stitches, and couching.

Source: VOGELSANG-EASTWOOD, Gillian (2016). 'Embroidery from Algeria', in: Gillian Vogelsang-Eastwood (ed.), Encyclopedia of Embroidery from the Arab World, London: Bloomsbury Academic, pp. 214-228, esp. pp. 222-225.

Textile Museum of Canada online catalogue (retrieved 6 December 2016).


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