Lectern Fall

Modern example of a lectern fall. UK. Modern example of a lectern fall. UK.

A lectern is a tall, narrow stand with a slanting top. Its primary function is to support books or documents, especially when someone is reading aloud from them. The word lectern derives from the Latin lectus (past participle of legere – 'to read'). In the Christian Church, a lectern is generally used to support a Bible from which the Scriptures are read aloud (a process called the ‘lessons’).

A lectern is normally placed so that the person reading faces the audience or congregation. In many churches the lectern is decorated with a lectern fall, which is sometimes also called an antependium (a general term meaning a hanging). The lectern fall is often embroidered in some manner. It may also be in the colours of the liturgical season to complement the textiles used for the altar and priestly vestments.

See also: almemorbimah cover; pulpit fall

Source: Shorter Oxford English Dictionary: ‘Lectern’.

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