Filoselle Silk

Skein of filoselle silk from the 1920's. Skein of filoselle silk from the 1920's. TRC collection.

Filoselle silk is a silk yarn used in embroidery. It is made from filoselle, the portion of a silk cocoon that is not used for good quality silk cloth or yarn because the filaments are damaged or broken. Filoselle silk was introduced in Europe and North America in the 1850's.

In France filoselle silk is known as bourre de soie. Filoselle silk, while lacking the gloss of floss silk, superseded floss silk for general embroidery, as it was less expensive and easier to keep smooth.

Source: CAULFEILD, Sophia F. A. and Blanche C. SAWARD (1882). The Dictionary of Needlework, London: Upcott Gill, p. 206.


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