Example of embroidery on an open weave canvas Example of embroidery on an open weave canvas

Canvas is a general term for a strong, firm, machine-made material, usually made of cotton, flax or occasionally silk. Canvas is produced in many grades and qualities, and may be softly finished or highly sized (starched).

In addition to what is often called embroidery canvas, which is suitable for decorative needlework, especially counted thread work, there are other types of canvas cloth, such as that used for coverings (tarpaulins), painter’s canvas, rugs, sails, scrim for plasterers, sieves and so forth.

See also: aida; antique canvas; bolting; check canvas; congress canvas; cotton canvas; flattened French canvas; mosaic canvasplastic canvas. See also the entry on a pair of embroidered half-boots from mind-nineteenth century Britain.

Source: TORTORA, Phyllis G. and Ingrid JOHNSON (2012). The Fairchild Books: Dictionary of Textiles, p. 96 (8th edition)


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