Maltese Lace

Example of Maltese lace. Example of Maltese lace.

Maltese lace is a form of guipure and bobbin lace from Malta. It is worked traditionally on a tall, thin, upright lace pillow. It is generally made with cream-coloured silk and includes the eight-pointed Maltese cross as one of its motifs. It also includes densely worked leaves known as 'wheat ears' or 'oats', that are rounded in appearance.

The technique was introduced in the mid-nineteenth century by Lady Hamilton Chichester, who asked lacemakers in Genoa to move to Malta. They used the needlelace patterns applied on Malta before, and turned them into bobbin lace. Maltese lace was displayed at the Great Exhibition in London of 1851. Maltese lace became a source of inspiration of Bedfordshire lace.

Maltese lace is still being worked on Malta and is being promoted by the national government.

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