Fir Stitch

Schematic drawing of a fir or leaf stitch. Schematic drawing of a fir or leaf stitch.

A fir stitch is a canvas embroidery technique whereby a vertical straight stitch is worked over six horizontal threads. The vertical stitch is then flanked along an imaginary line taken from the bottom of the vertical stitch by five slanting stitches on both sides. The stitch is completed with another straight vertical stitch over four threads to combine the flanking stitches and to link up with the first vertical stitch above.

A fir stitch is also sometimes known as a leaf stitch.

Source: CLAYTON, Mary (2007). The Needlecrafter's Companion. 1001 Stitch Terms and Techniques, London: Collins and Brown, pp. 64-65.

Digital source of illustration (retrieved 22 January 2016).



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