Padding consists of some type of material that is used as the interlining for quilting or the filling of flat cushions, etc. It is often, but not necessarily always, soft and added for warmth.

Padding is also sometimes called wadding in English (especially when discussing quilts) and batting in American English. Padding may be made of raw fibres, string, cloth of some kind and so forth.

In addition, compressed cotton wool may be used in some forms of raised embroidery. Sometimes a card, parchment or wooden template is used in a piece of embroidery, which has the effect of raising the surface of the stitched area. However, this is not really padding, as the templates are used in the first place to create a specific pattern or shape as well as adding height.

Source: CLABBURN, Pamela (1976). The Needleworker’s Dictionary, London: Macmillan London Ltd., p. 196.


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