Needlecraft for H.M. Forces

Leaflet for the 'Needlecraft for H.M. Forces' series. Leaflet for the 'Needlecraft for H.M. Forces' series.

Needlecraft for H.M. Forces is the name for a series of small embroidery kits and booklets produced during the Second World War. They were made by the company of Wm. (William) Briggs and Co. Ltd. (34 Cannon Street, Manchester, England). The kits and booklets were specifically produced for wounded members of the British armed services.

The kits were handed out to hospital patients as a form of occupational therapy. A kit consisted of a piece of cloth with a transfer design (such as a church), threads and instructions. The Needlecraft for H.M. Forces booklets were sold for 1 shilling (about 5p in 2014). Neither the kits nor the booklets were available to the general public.

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