Needle's Eye

The Needle's Eye exhibition, Oslo, 2015. The Needle's Eye exhibition, Oslo, 2015.

'The Needle’s Eye: Contemporary Embroidery' was the name of an exhibition held at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Oslo, about Norwegian and international contemporary embroidery. The exhibition was held from 22 February to 16 May 2015, and organised in collaboration with the Art Museums of Bergen and the National Museum, Oslo.

One of the stated aims of the exhibition was to look at why some artists choose to work with embroidery. According to the curators of the exhibition, contemporary embroidery distinguishes itself from traditional work in a very particular manner, namely traditional embroidery is generally “a matter of copying rather than a free artistic activity”. Within the exhibition, however, there were several older examples of traditional embroidery, because by “employing the techniques of embroidery, contemporary artists forge more or less explicit links with past”.

The dialogues explored in the exhibition included: Memory and traces; Narrative; Power and status; Realities of embroidery; Time, and Tradition and Heritage. The aim was to show embroidery’s “continuing relevance as an artistic medium well suited to comment on social issues, art and the traditions of embroidery”.

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