Tambour Hook and Ari Hook

Ari hook with beads. Ari hook with beads.

In some publications no difference is made between a tambour hook and an ari hook, especially as these hooks are only slightly different in shape and both are used for similar types of embroidery as well as beading. Both hooks, for example, are used in a similar way for chain stitch embroidery.

However, there is a significant difference with respect to beading. A tambour hook for beading is often used underneath a piece of fine cloth with the beads threaded onto the embroidery thread or yarn. This method of working is sometimes known as French beading. In contrast, an ari hook for beading is longer and finer, because the beads are threaded onto the hook itself and the work is carried out on the top surface of the cloth.

See also the TRC Needles entry on brodeur (tambour embroidery).

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