Ari Hook

Ari hooks. Ari hooks.

An ari hook is a long, fine ‘needle’ ending in a fine hook. The hook is normally fitted to a wooden handle. The shape of the handle depends on the ground material being used (such as cotton, leather or silk). The size of hook depends upon the type of work being carried out. A very fine hook is used for fine work, etc.

An ari hook is widely used for making ari embroidery, a form of chain stitch work that for centuries has been made in India as well as Iran and parts of the Middle East. By the eighteenth century ari work had come to Europe and was quickly adopted, especially in France and Britain, where it became known as tambour work. In Europe, the hook used for tambour work is normally called a tambour hook. The ari hook is comparable in appearance to a tambour hook, but the ari version is much longer and finer.

See also the TRC Needles entry on tambour hook versus ari hook.

Digital source of illustration (retrieved 9th July 2016).


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