Lace Identification 7 Examples

4. Two pieces of airy lace

Two pieces of airy lace. Top: TRC 2015.0294, bottom: TRC 2017.0085Two pieces of airy lace. Top: TRC 2015.0294, bottom: TRC 2017.0085Here we have two pieces of airy lace with a floral design in the style of Belgium rosalin lace, which were widely used at the end of the 19th / beginning of the 20th century. Both designs are composed of small motifs with crinkly edges and raised work, which is spread equally over the lace. The handmade piece (TRC 2015.0294) is a partial bobbin lace, the shapes are made separately and connected later. It is made out of linen thread. The machine made example (TRC 2017.0085) is a chemical lace made out of cotton.

Filling: Both examples have crinckly edges with tiny circular buds decorated with raised rings. In the handmade piece rings are made with a needle buttonhole stitches and added on top of the bobbin lace. In the machine made lace the raised work is executed together with the main pattern and the embroidery machine lock stitches are clearly visible. 

Gimp: There is no gimp in both examples. 

Ground: In both cases the floral motifs are connected between each other. In the handmade piece there is some space between shapes and they are connected by long bars. The machine made piece has almost no bars, therefore the motifs are tightly joined.  

Side: The handmade lace has a raised work on the front, used mainly for the floral centres. The machine made piece has no specific front or back.

Handmade lace:    Machine-made lace: 
TRC 2015.0294TRC 2015.0294   TRC 2017.0085TRC 2017.0085

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