'It's Only Me' Embroidery, by Jane Poulton

'It's only me' purse, by Jane Poulton, 1990. 'It's only me' purse, by Jane Poulton, 1990. Copyright Victoria and Albert Museum, London, acc. no. T.162-1990.

Jane Poulton (1957) is an English embroiderer who makes small items decorated with hand and machine embroidery. There is an example of her machine embroidery, now in the Victoria and Albert Museum (acc. no. T.162-1990). The design is called 'It's only me' and is added to a purse.

The embroidery is made on a linen, scrim (a very open-weave cloth) ground using mercerised cotton threads in free style machine embroidery using satin stitch. The design consists of a simplified figure of a bird, a snail, a sun and a flower combination, and finally a tree.

V&A online catalogue (retrieved 11 March 2016).


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