The Embroidery magazine is produced by the Embroiderers' Guild (London). It is geared towards both domestic and professional embroiderers. It was first published in 1932 with two issues per year. One of the first people to write for Embroidery was Grace Crowfoot. In 1950 Embroidery started to come out four times per year and then in 1996 the number of issues was increased to six issues per year.  

Godey's Magazine was an American women's magazine published in the nineteenth century. Godey's Magazine was first published in 1830 as The Lady's Book. In about 1840 it became known as Godey’s Lady’s Book. Later it became simply known as 'Godey's Magazine'. Godey’s Magazine ceased publication in 1898 and was absorbed by another magazine called The Puritan.

Handwerken zonder Grenzen ('Handwork without Boundaries') is a Dutch journal that, from September 1978, is published five to six times per year and includes articles about handwork techniques, in particular those that involve textiles. The articles deal with subjects that pertain to The Netherlands and beyond; tradition, folklore and history are the keywords.

Inspirations, with the subtitle "The world's most beautiful needlework magazine", is an Australian magazine that was was published in 1993 and comes out four times per year.

Needle and Thread was an English decorative needlework magazine set up by Mrs. Grace Christie in 1914.

Needle Arts is a quarterly magazine issued by the Embroiderers’ Guild of America Inc. The first issue came out in January 1970. It includes articles about historical pieces, projects, designer profiles, calendar of events, and so forth.

Needle n Thread is an Indian needlework magazine that was started in the late 1990’s. It is produced four times a year by Coats Crafts India. The magazine covers traditional Indian styles of needlework, as well as a wide range of textile handicraft techniques and designs from around the world.

The Needlecraft Practical Journal is a British journal dedicated to the teaching of needlework, and of embroidery in particular. The journal was set up by the Manchester School of Embroidery and the British transfers and traced needlework manufacturer, Briggs & Co, Manchester. 

The Needlewoman (and later called Needlewoman and Needlecraft) is a journal that was published in London between 1928 and 1970. It was originally produced by The Needlewoman Shop (London) and William Briggs & Co. (Halifax, England).

The Stitch magazine is produced by the Embroiderers' Guild (London). It is geared towards the ‘Textile Arts’ and is basically aimed at the domestic embroiderers market. It regularly has, for example, projects of varying degrees of difficulty for its members to carry out.