Handwerken Zonder Grenzen

Cover of the Dutch journal, 'Handwerken zonder Grenzen'. Cover of the Dutch journal, 'Handwerken zonder Grenzen'.

Handwerken zonder Grenzen ('Handwork without Boundaries') is a Dutch journal that, from September 1978, is published five to six times per year and includes articles about handwork techniques, in particular those that involve textiles. The articles deal with subjects that pertain to The Netherlands and beyond; tradition, folklore and history are the keywords.

The journal was founded by Henriëtte and Henk Beukers. This couple were the chief editors of another Dutch handcraft journal, Ariadne, from 1963 until 1976. They remained in charge of Handwerken zonder Grenzen until 2003, after which the journal continued with new owners and a new editor.


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