Cover of The Needlewoman, vol. 4. Cover of The Needlewoman, vol. 4.

The Needlewoman (and later called Needlewoman and Needlecraft) is a journal that was published in London between 1928 and 1970. It was originally produced by The Needlewoman Shop (London) and William Briggs & Co. (Halifax, England).

In 1934 the shop and magazine were taken over by J&P Coats Ltd (Paisley, Scotland). At the time the editor of The Needlewoman was Mary Thomas, who shortly afterwards resigned her position. In the same year (1934) Coats signed a sales agreement with Leach’s Publications Ltd., who went on to merge The Needlewoman with The Needlecraft Practical Journal. The new magazine was continued under the name of Needlewoman and Needlecraft. This magazine continued to be published until 1970.

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