Needlecraft Practical Journal

No. 16 of the Needlecraft Practical Journal, c. 1905 No. 16 of the Needlecraft Practical Journal, c. 1905

The Needlecraft Practical Journal is a British journal dedicated to the teaching of needlework, and of embroidery in particular. The journal was set up by the Manchester School of Embroidery and the British transfers and traced needlework manufacturer, Briggs & Co, Manchester. 

The Needlecraft Practical Journal was first published in 1900, initially with four issues per year in January, April, July and October. Later, seven new titles were added each year. Free transfers were added in 1911. Each issue covered a different special subject. Eventually well over one hundred titles were produced, on subjects as varied as bead bags (no. 92), cross stitch work (no. 30), darned netting (filet lace; no. 66), needlework novelties (no. 90) and white work (no. 101).

The journal continued to develop and in 1922 it was re-named, Needlecraft, which came out on a monthly basis. In 1937 Needlecraft was merged with Needlewoman (by J&P Coats; started in 1922) and became known as Needlewoman and Needlecraft. This ‘new’ magazine ceased publication in 1965.


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