Embroiderers' Guild (UK)

The Embroiderers' Guild logo. The Embroiderers' Guild logo.

The Embroiderers' Guild is a British charity set up in 1906 by a group of sixteen former students of the Royal School of (Art) Needlework. They established a society to “deal entirely with embroidery, and with the first object of keeping up a high standard of work and design.”

Initially, membership of the Embroiderers' Guild, which at first was called the Needlework Association but adopted its new name in 1920 with Louisa Pesel as its first president, was limited to former students of the Royal School of Needlework, but in 1907 membership became more open. At first the Guild was housed in central London and then moved to various addresses. By the end of the twentieth century it was housed in Walton on Thames, near London.

Over the years, the Embroiderers’ Guild has built up a collection of over 11000 embroidered items that reflect the world history of decorative needlework. The objects include furnishings and garments, as well as purely decorative textiles. The Guild has branches throughout the British Isles.

To mark the Guild's centenary, they organised work on the World's Longest Embroidery.

The Embroiderers' Guild is linked to other groups, such as the Embroiderers' Guild of America, the Embroiderers’ Guild of New South Wales, the Embroiderers' Guild of Western Australiathe Embroiderers' Guild of South Australia, the Embroiderers' Guild of Victoria, the Association of New Zealand Embroiderers' Guilds, etc.

The Guild publishes two embroidery magazines, Embroidery and Stitch.



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