Leather Mamluk Emblem

Example of a Mamluk emblem, Egypt. Example of a Mamluk emblem, Egypt. Courtesy Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rogers Fund, 1972; MMA acc. no. 1972.120.10.

Illustrated here is an example of a leather Mamluk emblem that dates to the fifteenth century or slightly earlier. This particular example takes the form of a triple field shield with devices in the form of a diamond and two chalices.

The emblem has a leather ground with appliqué woollen cloth in red (upper field), mid-blue (middle field) and black (lower field). The design is further outlined and embellished with the use of gold coloured metal thread worked in rows of chain stitch. Exactly which function this emblem represents is unknown.

Source: BIERMAN, Irene B. (1998), 'Art and architecture in the medieval period,' in: Carl F. PETRY (ed.), The Cambridge History of Egypt, vol. 1, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 372-373.

Metropolitan Museum of Art online catalogue (retrieved 11 March 2016)


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