Cissie Wilcox's Embroidered Panel

Cissie Wilcox's embroidered panel. Cissie Wilcox's embroidered panel.

Cissie Wilcox’s embroidered panel is a small, embroidered panel made by a suffragette prisoner called Cissie Wilcox while she was in Holloway Jail in 1911. The white silk panel is 14.0 x 8.5 cm in size and embroidered in the suffragette colours of green and purple.

The text on the panel states: "Worked in Holloway Dec. 1911 Cissie Wilcox Newcastle D X 211" [D wing reference].

There are also several broad arrows that refer to the British Government’s ordnance mark, which is placed on items that are regarded to be the property of the Government. The panel was made while Wilcox was in jail for smashing plate glass windows. She had been given a two-month sentence.

The panel is now in the Museum of London collection (acc. no. 50.82/1231).

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