Gloves of King Edward VI

Gloves worn by King Edward VI at his coronation. Gloves worn by King Edward VI at his coronation. Copyright Lessing-Photo, and Collection Duke of Northumberland.

Alnwick Castle, England, houses the embroidered gloves supposedly worn by King Edward VI at his coronation in 1547. The gloves form part of the collection owned by the Duke of Northumberland. Edward VII was the son of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour.

Edward VI was born in 1537. He reigned from 1547, after his father's demise, until his death. The Regency Council, installed because Edward was still a minor, was led, after 1549, by John Dudley, 1st Earl of Warwick, and from 1551 the 1st Duke of Northumberland. he became known as "the wicked duke".

Edward VI died at Greenwich Palace on 6 July 1553 and he was buried in the Henry VII Lady Chapel at Westminster Abbey. His tomb was reopened in 1871. The remains of his skullcap were still visible.

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