Johanna Le Maire's Embroidered Gloves, 1622

Pair of embroidered gloves, Holland, 1622. Pair of embroidered gloves, Holland, 1622. Courtesy Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, acc. no. RP-P-OB-44.538.

The collection of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam includes a pair of early seventeenth century embroidered gloves for a bride (acc. no. BK-1978-48-A). They are made of waxed leather, decorated with silk, lace, gold thread and paillettes.

The gloves were worn by Johanna Le Maire at her wedding in June 1622. The designs include a heart pierced with an arrow and a pair of Maria La Maire, c. 1625, by intertwined birds, both motifs symbolising the union of bride and groom. The gloves are illustrated in a contemporary painting of the bride, by the artist Nicholaes Eliasz. Pickenoy (1588-1656).

The embroidered band abutts the scalloped edge of the leather glove. The individul gloves are fastened with purple and pink ties and gold buttons.

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Rijksmuseum Amsterdam online catalogue (retrieved 1 May 2016)


Portrait of Johanna Le Maire, by Nicolaes Eliasz. Pickenoy, c. 1625. Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, acc. no. SK-A-4957 (105.3 x 78.7 cm). In her right hand she is holding the embroidered gloves illustrated above.

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