Apron Panel with Qilin (China)

Embroidered apron panel, from China, 19th century. Embroidered apron panel, from China, 19th century. Courtesy ULITA, University of Leeds, UK, acc. no. 38.

ULITA in Leeds (UK) houses a Chinese, nineteenth century apron panel. It measures 76 x 45.5 cm and is made of silk, cotton and metallic threads. The design is based upon the theme of the 'promising life of the children'. The main theme shows the mythical qilin carrying a boy, together with two other boys.

The ground material is a red silk, brocaded with floral designs. The embroidery is carried out with couching, satin and seed stitches. The inner border consists of narrow woven braids. The outer border consists of black silk satin embroidered with floral designs. The lining is made of cotton.

ULITA online catalogue (retrieved 29 January 2017).



Fragment of the Chinese, nineteenth century apron, showing the qilin carrying a boy, with another boy behind him.

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