Sample of 1930's Fashion Couching with Black Cords

Sample of 1930's fashion couching, with black cords. Sample of 1930's fashion couching, with black cords. Courtesy Textile Research Centre, Leiden, acc. no. TRC 2016.2130.

The collection of the Textile Research Centre in Leiden holds a sample (76 x 13 cm) of cotton cloth with a printed design of stylised birds and flowers. It has the spaces between the individual floral and bird designs filled with a vermicelli design of thick cords that are couched to the ground material. The sample dates to the 1930's and probably derives from France.

It is comparable to another sample also in the TRC collection, but this piece has black cords, instead of beige. 

This sample, which still has both of its selvedges, is 76 cm wide, which is the 30 inch width standard for certain English looms.

TRC online catalogue (retrieved 30 October 2016).


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