Bed cover (China)

Bed cover, made in China, early 18th century. Bed cover, made in China, early 18th century. Courtesy Rijksmuseum Amsterdam acc. no. BK-1958-20-B.

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam houses a bed cover made of silk satin with floss silk and metal thread embroidery, which was made in China in the early eighteenth century. The cover measures 330 x 235 cm. The cover goes with two other items in the Museum's collection, namely a bed (acc. no. BK-1958-20-A) and a bed curtain (BK-1958-20-C).

The cover was owned by Petronella Wilhelmina van Hoorn, who belonged to a family that included several governors-general of the Dutch East Indies. She was born in Batavia (now Jakarta, capital of Indonesia) in 1698. She was married to Jan Trip (the Younger), from a wealthy Amsterdam (and Dordrecht) mercantile family, and son of an Amsterdam mayor. She died in 1764.

Source: CAMPEN, Jan van (2010). 'Twee Chinese beddenspreien', Aziatische Kunst 40 (2010) nr. 3, pp. 17-37, Ill. 13. 

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam online catalogue (retrieved 22 December 2016).


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