Bed cover (China/Portugal)

Bedcover from China ? Dated 1550-1750. Bedcover from China ? Dated 1550-1750. Copyright Victoria and Albert Museum, London, acc. no. 4016-1855.

A Chinese bed cover now in the Victoria and Albert Museum appears to have been produced in China for the export market. It dates to sometime between 1550 and 1750. Although now of a vermillion colour, originally it must have had a brightly red ground material. The cover shows a large degree of Portuguese influence. It measures 259 x 208 cm.

The cover is made of red silk and couched gold thread. Portuguese elements, according to the V&A curatorial comments, include the iconography, including the double-headed pelican. The use of floss silk and gold work is reminiscent of Portuguese embroideries from Castelo Branco. The bed cover may have been embroidered in Portugal onto a Chinese made background, rather than being a purely export product.

Source: WILSON, Verity (2005). Chinese Textiles, London: V&A publications, plate 25

V&A online catalogue (retrieved 10 July 2016).



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