Kalaga from Myanmar

Late 19th century kalaga hanging from Myanmar (Burma). Late 19th century kalaga hanging from Myanmar (Burma). Copyright Victoria and Albert Museum, London, acc. no. IS.2-1963.

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, UK, houses a late nineteenth century kalaga from Myanmar (Burma). It measures 293.5 x 124.5 cm and has a ground material made of wool. It has an appliqué decoration made of cotton, wool, and felt, embroidered, and further decorated with braids and sequins, and with some painting.

The main subject of this kalaga is the story of Manohari. A man and woman are watching when Mahohari (Dway Mai Naw) tries to go back to her own country to avoid being sacrificed. There is also her little boy, who is pointing in her direction, in the company of one of the ministers. The woman depicted by herself could be Manohari herself, in human form. Behind her she is depicted again, together with her husband, and together being seated in royal style, and being attended by two servants.

V&A online catalogue (retrieved 3rd May 2017).


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