Embroidered settee, late-17th century, England. Embroidered settee, late-17th century, England. Copyright Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK, acc. no. W.15:1 to 3-1945.

A beautifully embroidered settee dating to the end of the seventeenth century is housed in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. The settee's upholstery is decorated with floral motifs worked with cross stitch canvas embroidery in wool on a silk background. The settee itself, measuring 137.8 x 157.5 x 95 cm, is made of walnut and beech. The cushions are lined with kidskin.

The settee was probably made for one of the staterooms of Thomas, Lord Coningsby (1656-1729) at Hampton Court, Leominster, Herefordshire. Sir Thomas was a follower of King William III and he fought with the king at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690, for which he was rewarded with an Irish peerage. Comparable furniture is housed in Paleis 't Loo in The Netherlands, which was built for Stadhouder-King William III in The Netherlands.

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