View of Dordrecht, The Netherlands

Embroidered view of Dordrecht, dated 1606. Embroidered view of Dordrecht, dated 1606. Courtesy Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, acc. no. BK-NM-9295.

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, holds a strip of silk cloth embroidered with silk thread and providing a view of the town of Dordrecht. The textile measures 54.5 x 15.5 cm. Included in the embroidery are the coat of arms of Holland and the town of Dordrecht, and the text ANNO 1607. In the bottom right hand corner it says: DAMIS.V.BERNASIE (Damis van Bernasie).

The embroidery is partly made with satin stitch as a filling. The embroidery is probably based on a contemporary print of the town. The colours are faded and there is some damage due to water staining.

To the right is the Vuilpoort, to the left the Groothoofdspoort. The fishermen in the foreground are catching salmons.

Rijksmuseum online catalogue (retrieved 3 october 2016)


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