Metal threads

Metal threads

Rococo is a form of metal thread made from a fine wire tightly wrapped around a cotton core. The cord has a wavy (kinked) serpentine appearance. Rococo is comparable to crinkle cordonnet, but it is not as easy to bend, and the waves in the thread are far more even.

Russia braid is a metal wire that can be used for metal thread embroidery and twists. It is a narrow braid with two cores laid side by side and bound together by a fine yarn (often a passing, or some other metal thread), laced in a figure of eight. In France it is known as soutache.

Skanny is a fifteenth and sixteenth century Russian term for a type of metal thread made from spun gold. 

Soutache is a French term sometimes used for Russia braid, itself a form of metal thread twists.

Twist (French: torsade) is a form of metal thread made up of two or more strands twisted together, and used as applied decoration. The twist is normally couched down with a thread of the same colour. The stitches are sewn at the same angle as that of the twist itself, so that the stitches are invisible.

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