Assortment of punchinella materials. Assortment of punchinella materials.

Punchinella is a strip of plastic, often coloured, which is left over after small discs or shapes for cuvettespaillettes or sequins have been punched out of a larger sheet of material. Punchinella is also called ‘sequin waste', ‘sequin scrim’ and very occasionally, 'stampotique'.

This type of ‘ribbon’ became available to the general public in the 1970's and is often used by florists to decorate bouquets of flowers and plants. It is also used by crafts groups as part of textile pictures, as a stencil for creating backgrounds, etc. The word does not appear in dictionaries such as the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary and The Fairchild Books: Dictionary of Textiles, but it has become an acceptable term on the internet.

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