Plastic Canvas

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Plastic canvas is an embroidery canvas made from plastic. It has been commercially available since the 1970's. It is made from a lightweight vinyl with regularly spaced holes. It comes in various mesh counts, notably 5, 7, 10 and 14 holes per inch. The most widely used form is the 7-mesh version.

Most examples of plastic canvas come in A4-size sheets, but some pre-made forms such as circles, triangles and novelty shapes, such as animals, birds and hearts, are also available. Plastic canvas is a relatively stiff form that is often used for small three-dimensional objects such as boxes, purses, tissue box covers and so forth.

Also known as: vinyl weave.

Source: NITTO, Elisabeth Brenner de (1978). Needlepoint on Plastic Canvas, New York: Scribner.


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