The name and logo of the Madeira Co. The name and logo of the Madeira Co.

Madeira is a family company based in Freiburg (Germany), which produces machine embroidery thread and related items such as felt, needles, scissors, as well as backing materials, etc. The company was founded in Freiburg, Germany, in 1919 by the Messrs. Schmidt. The third generation of the family is now running the business.

In 1975 the company decided to expand by going international and by 1987 Madeira had set up various subsidiaries in different parts of the world, including Asia, Europe and North America. By 2015 Madeira managed 59 subsidiaries and distribution centres in 86 countries.

Madeira is divided into two main sections, (a) industrial threads (via Madeira Garnfabrik), which works mainly with the apparel decoration business, and (b) threads intended for the domestic market (Madeira Garne), which includes threads for sewing machines and some hand embroidery products, such as scissors, etc. 

According to information distributed by the Madeira fim: "Madeira currently produces a range of machine embroidery threads including: BURMILANA that has a wool appearance; BURMILON a polyester bobbin thread; CLASSIC a naturally shiny, vibrant viscose thread; FIRE FIGHTER a low flammability glowing thread; FORSTED MATT a thread with a special effect matt polyester; FS that are metallised effect threads; POLYNEON a shiny polyester thread; ROYAL that are pre-wound bobbins with polyester thread, and finally, SUPERTWIST a glittering metallic thread.

Address: Madeira Garnfabrik, Rudolf Schmidt KG, Zinkmattenstraße 38 D – 79108, Freiburg, Germany.

Source: I should like to thank Madeira Company (Freiburg) and in particular Jürgen Korge, for their help with writing this entry (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Madeira Co website (retrieved 22 February 2017).


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