Wemyss School of Needlework

Wemyss School of Needlework, Museum Wemyss School of Needlework, Museum

The Wemyss School of Needlework was a hand embroidery school based in Wemyss Castle, Fife, Scotland. It was founded in 1877 by Dora Wemyss, who was inspired by the Kensington School of Art Needlework, later known as the Royal School of Needlework.

The Wemyss School of Needlework moved in 1880 to a new home (Main Street, Coaltown-of-Wemyss, Fife). The School was turned into a museum in 2011. The museum includes a collection of textiles and related artefacts, as well as items relating to the school’s history. The main catalogue of the collection was prepared by textile historian Margaret Swain in 1984. Since then many extra items have been acquired for the collection.

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