Kazuhito Takadoi

Kazuhito Takadoi: "Kyousai 2" Kazuhito Takadoi: "Kyousai 2"

Kazuhito Takadoi is a contemporary needlework artist who works on the main theme of 'nature'. All the materials he uses are taken from nature and dried before before being worked. His embroideries are minimalistic, and he plays with shadows.

He studied at Sapporo, Japan, at the Hokkaido Agricultural and Horticultural College before moving to the Uk to continue his studies at the Royal Horticultural Society, Wisley. For one year he studied at Longwoods Gardens, Pennsylvania, and in 1999 returned to the UK. In 2003 he graduated with a BA at Leeds University in Art and Garden Design. In the same year he said up his own studio.

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