Slavekoorde-Braunstahl, Henriëtte (1885-1983)

Henriëtte Slavekoorde-Braunstahl, 1885-1983. Henriëtte Slavekoorde-Braunstahl, 1885-1983. TRC collection.

Henriëtte Slavekoorde-Braunstahl from Den Haag (The Hague; 1885-1983), The Netherlands, was a student at the Industrieschool voor Meisjes ‘s-Gravenhage [The Hague]) between 1899 and 1904. She received her diploma as a handwork teacher in 1904. Henriëtte Slavekoorde-Braunstahl was particularly talented and later was to make items for the Dutch royal family.

In 2011, her family presented her collection of exercise books, water colour albums, photographs, as well as samples of her work to the Textile Research Centre, Leiden (The Netherlands). This collection gives an unique look at the teaching of needlework in The Netherlands at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Part of the exhibition What is Embroidery? (TRC, 2013-2014), was dedicated to Henriëtte Slavekoorde-Braunstahl.

Her daughter, Sophia Margaretha Slavekoorde (born in 1915 in Voorburg), made a Feestrok to celebrate the liberation of The Netherlands from Nazi-Germany (1945). The Feestrok is now in the TRC collection (TRC 2011.0001a). Her photograph is also housed in the TRC collection (TRC 2011.0001c).


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