Yeats, Elizabeth Corbet ('Lolly'; 1868-1940)

Elizabeth Corbet ('Lolly') Yeats, by John Butler Yeats. Elizabeth Corbet ('Lolly') Yeats, by John Butler Yeats.

Elizabeth Corbet Yeats (1868-1940), also known as Lolly, was a painter and designer associated with the Celtic Revival. Being the daughter of the Irish artist, John Butler Yeats, her siblings included John ('Jack') Butler Yeats (artist and Olympic medallist), William Butler Yeats (the famous Irish poet) and Susan Mary ('Lily') Yeats (embroiderer and co-founder of the Dun Emer Guild).

Elizabeth Yeats trained as an art teacher and became closely associated with the Arts and Crafts movement and with William Morris. She and her sister Susan Mary returned from England to Dublin in 1900. Susan Mary Yeats, Elizabeth Yeats and Evelyn Gleeson formed together the Dun Emer Guild. The guild was set up with the intention of training young women in bookbinding, hand press printing, as well as embroidery and weaving. From 1902 onwards, Elizabeth Yeats ran the Dun Emer Press. In 1908, she and her brother William started the Cuala Press, which eventually published over seventy books on a wide range of subjects. During this period, Elizabeth Yeats also created various embroidery designs for the Dun Emer Guild to produce and sell.

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