Thomas, Evelyn (1951)

Evelyn Thomas, b. 1951. Evelyn Thomas, b. 1951.

Evelyn Thomas (1951) is an English art historian who specialises in medieval English embroidery. Both of his parents were artists and his father taught Art at Eton College. Thomas studied art history at Edinburgh University (Scotland) and went on to an MA at the University of East Anglia.

In 1978 he continued his studies at Westfield College, University of London, where he specialised in opus anglicanum, a form of gold work embroidery dating from about the thirteenth century onwards. At the same time he created a photographic archive of English embroidery. Following a conference at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London (2013) on opus anglicanum it was decided to add a section on medieval English embroidery to the Index of Christan Art, in Princeton. This new section was called Opus Anglicanum - The Evelyn Thomas Database of Medieval English Embroidery.

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