Weldon, Walter (1832-1885)

Portrait by Frank Holl of Walter Weldon (1832-1885), 1884. Portrait by Frank Holl of Walter Weldon (1832-1885), 1884. Royal Society, London, acc. no. RS.9674.

Walter Weldon was an English chemist, journalist and fashion publisher. He was the founder of Weldon's Fashion Journal; Weldon's Ladies' Journal (1875–1954); Weldon's Patterns and Weldon's Household Encyclopaedia, as well as of various other publications.

Walter Weldon was the owner of Weldon & Company, a pattern company that produced hundreds of patterns and projects for numerous types of Victorian plain and decorative needlework. Around 1888 the company started to publish a series called Weldon’s Practical Needlework. Each volume consisted of twelve illustrated newsletters that covered different subjects (one per month) and were bound together within a cloth cover. Volume 12, for example, includes ideas for practical crochet, knitting, decorative waistcoats, drawn thread work, Mountmellick embroidery and smocking.

See embroidery transfer of Weldon's.

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