Zweigart, Mina (1857-1941)

Mina Zweigart, 1857-1941. Mina Zweigart, 1857-1941.

Mina Zweigart was the American born wife of Paul Zweigart, one of the founders of the German textile manufacturer, Zweigart and Sawitzki Company. Paul and Mina Zweigart were married in 1878 and she had a strong influence on the company. It would appear that it is due to her that the production of decorative needlework textiles played such a prominent role in the range of goods produced by Zweigart and Sawitzki.

When Paul Zweigart died in 1902, she ran the company for several years. In 1918 she was given an honourary citizenship by the town of Sindelfingen, where the company was based. This award was given to her as a result of her work for local families during the First World War (1914-1918) and in particular for doubling the allowance given to Sindelfingen families whose men were involved in the German war effort. The extra funding came from the Zweigart family’s estate. In addition, the Zweigarts built a memorial to the fallen in the local cemetery (inaugurated in 1921). There is still a children’s crèche in Sindelfingen named after her.

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